Sara Marie Miller is a Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist, Reiki and Flower Essence Practitioner in Boulder, CO. Her experience is rooted in collaboration and wellness and she has moved around to study assorted healing and visual arts. She worked as a ceramicist, printmaker and baker in Portland,OR. She moved south to complete an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and completed a yoga teacher training at the Glowing Body Yoga and Healing Arts Center. While there she deepened her love for energy work, reiki, breathing and getting into the flow of movement. She studied Thai massage and reflexology in Thailand and studied art abroad in Italy and Poland where she experienced the magic of massive farmers markets and pickled vegetables. She lived in Brooklyn, NY for 5 years, working in the arts. She was called to move to the mountains to connect with nature and learn about herbalism. CSCH rose to the top of her list as the place to study and has been a miraculous place to heal, learn and now help others. She has spent over 2000 hours studying anatomy, biology, botany, nutrition and plant medicine. She has also completed a Holistic Doula and Postpartum training program through the Matrona Program and is committed to women's health. 

The core of all of these adventures and interests is an intrigue of nature and a love of working with others. She has found a true home in the natural world. She works with Wildcat/Earthstar Farms gathering herbs for local apothecaries and is reminded of how spending time with the plants is an easy and sacred way to recharge. She is interested in the liminal spaces of our reality and the grace of being in the midst of any kind of transformation. The air changes. She is listening and dancing with the transitions. She strives to create collaborative connections and brainstorm new ways of taking care of ourselves, each other and our planet.


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I am a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Reiki and Flower Essence practitioner with training in nutrition, herbalism, physiology, botany and related topics. I cannot provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis or treatment. I am not licensed in any capacity by the State of Colorado, and my services do not replace those of a licensed physician. I advise all clients to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.